Thievery Skills

Cost 5
Required: 4 Agility

Stealth allows a character to conceal themselves and move cautiously without being detected. Using this skill requires an Agility versus Focus contest and if successful, the character will remain unnoticed. Please note that in most circumstances, the hidden individual has no way of knowing whether or not they have been spotted until it is too late.

Hidden characters move at 1/3rd their normal movement, and may break their Stealth for a free surprise against an opponent.

Cost 4
Required: Etiquette

With this skill, a character can alter his or her appearance through makeup and costuming. A die roll (Aura vs. Focus) is only required under two circumstances. (1) Attempting to disguise oneself as a specific individual and (2) attempting to disguise oneself from people who have met the character before. When wearing a general disguise (i.e., “generic vagabond” or “random peddler”), strangers will not notice a difference.

Sleight of Hand
Cost 5
Required: Stealth

Besides general prestidigitation and a charlatan’s magical tricks, this skill can be used to filch small items from others’ pockets, to palm items (such as keys), or to perform any other simple dexterous ruse.

When pilfering an item, roll an Agility versus Focus contest. A failed attempt means the thief failed to steal the item, but it does not mean that the attempt was detected. Only a natural fumble results in the thief being caught red-handed.

Cost 5
Required: Sleight of Hand

This skill enables a thief to disable mechanical locks, man-made traps, and any other breaking and entering abilities. This skill also grants a bonus to discovering traps (+4 to the normal search roll, bonus applies to finding traps only). To disarm, an Agility Roll is used against the difficulty level of the lock or trap.

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Thievery Skills

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