Resources, the Chant, Cases, and Kips

Doomguard Armory
Cost 5
Required: non-Harmonium

Provides access to Doomguard Arms and Armor

Fraternity of Order Libraries
Cost 4

Provides 1 extra Game Clue per session (if the libraries are accessible)

Bleak Cabal Almshouse
Cost 4

Can stay and eat for free in Sigil

Revolutionary League Black Market
Cost 9

Costs 2 less for each Thievery Skill already learned

Free League Hideout
Cost 4

In Sigil, no questions asked. No food or guards provided, but no questions asked.

Fraternity of Order Portal list
Cost 1

Knowledge of 1 portal per point spent.

Arcane Merchant Guild
Cost 6

Will barter magic items, cannot be in Sigil.

Sensate Traveling Circus
Cost 4
Required: Aura 2

Once per session, roll 1d4.

  1. Rumor
  2. Game Hint
  3. Items for Trade
  4. Protected Travel

Transcendent Order Gymnasium
Cost 3
Required: upkeep cost of 1 per session

Increases Vigor by 2 each session

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Resources, the Chant, Cases, and Kips

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