Planar Genasi

Oh, I saw one of those…once. I think.
- a well-traveled Sensate

Fifty percent humanoid, fifty percent element, one-hundred percent arrogant.
- Adeem al-Bah, an inner planar merchant making an accurate statement

You cannot fathom what it is to be a fundamental building block of reality.
- a genasi managing to make a Signer feel small

The whisper of a breeze, the crackle of flame, the splash of a wave, the heaviness of stone – these things are as much a part of the genasi as flesh and blood. Genasi are typically the rare result of a human-like bloodline crossing with elemental or Inner Planar heritage. Various aliens of the inner planes have the ability to mate humanoid descendants (though most genasi originate from genie-kind), and these powerful creatures promptly rid themselves of their disgusting offspring.

Beyond their striking elemental features, all genasi also share an air of superiority. This unwavering confidence arises from their innate connection to the elements, but it is constantly reinforced as they respond to the rejection from normal society.

Air Genasi
Calm and serene or intense like a hurricane, that is the way of the air genasi. These fickle beings ride their the wind of their own whims, changing their minds at a moment’s notice. Emotionally they are flighty and difficult to predict, but full of energy when angered. Despite being social outcasts, air genasi see themselves as the rightful inheritors of the sky, the wind, and all air. So connected are air genasi to their element that they are often offended simply by the breathing of lesser beings. These genasi do not require air to live, and consider breathing a base act that is well beneath their kind.

Air genasi generally care little about their appearance. They are lithe and frail looking, with ill-mended clothes and tousled hair. Most have pale skin with light eyes. A characteristic or two will always bely their foreign heritage. This varies from genasi to genasi, but can be anything from light blue skin to a distinctive breathy voice, or even a light wisp flutters about them at all times. Whichever characteristic a genasi exhibits, the elemental force that resides within him or her is continually apparent.

Earth Genasi
The personality of earth genasi is strong, immovable, and pensive. They are stubborn as a mountainside and as tough as a cave wall. These stone warriors understand something about inevitability, and are slow to act as a result. The gritty and ponderous earth genasi consider their actions in advance, knowing full well that once set in motion they will be impossible to stop.

This disdain of hasty thinking is part of an earth genasi’s arrogance. Their conceit also lies in the certainty that they are physically greater than the weaker beings around them. While some of genasi care for the beings of flesh, it is quite rare for an earth genasi to ever be consider anyone else an equal.

In appearance, earth genasi look dirty and rugged, much like a handful of rock. Though they vary individually, each will have a few features that make their ancestry quite obvious: leathery or metallic skin, perhaps grass-like hair, and so forth. Many earth genasi choose to compliment their appearances with precious gems or metals.

Fire Genasi
Crackling with energy, high-strung, excitable and bold – this is a fire genasi. Their bodies are the container for a boundless force. Most of them live dangerous lives from the start and remain full of energy until the end. Fire genasi have no problem testing their limits, especially against other, flammable creatures.

Fire genasi prefer blacks and reds in their clothing and jewelry. Appearance is important to them, although these genasi prefer a simple and elegant accoutrement to a gaudy or lavish one. Anything that draws attention commands either respect or awe. To aid to this, fire genasi have naturally bold physical traits: deep blood-red skin, red hair moving like waving flames, and so on.

Water Genasi
Water genasi are children of the oceans. These mysterious creatures spend most of their lives in isolation, and never truly bond with others. Something about the quiet, cold sea resonates through their being. Water genasi act as undercurrents: silent yet powerful forces that are noticed only when it is too late. Blending in for a water genasi is not necessarily important, but more of an afterthought. When they find an enemy, they drown them with all of their energy.

Obviously, these genasi can breathe water, but their contempt for others occurs mainly from a quiet and unyielding place.

Like all other genasi, water genasi always display some physical trait depicting their heritage: blue green skin or hair, a very thin layer of scales covering the body, perhaps swaying hair or cold flesh.

Game Notes
Air genasi gain a +2 bonus to Agility and suffer a -1 penalty to Aura and Focus. They can also windwalk at will, in 3 round arcs (1 round of running upward, 1 round of gliding, and 1 round of descending). Air genasi may be of any non-lawful alignment.

Earth genasi receive a +2 bonus to Might and suffer a -1 penalty to Agility and Aura. Their hardened skin gives them a natural Damage Reduction of 1 and a +2 to Vigor. Earth genasi can be of any non-chaotic alignment.

Fire genasi receive a +1 bonus to Might and Agility, and a -1 penalty to Aura and Focus. Additionally, they suffer no damage from normal flame, and 1/2 damage from any magical fire. They have infravision with a 120-foot range and can use their short-ranged fire breath at will – 2d4 damage against unarmored opponents, maximum damage results in the victim catching fire until the flame is extinguished. Armored opponents reduce damage by 1/2. Fire genasi may be of any alignment.

Water genasi gain a +1 to Focus and suffer a -1 penalty to Aura. They can also rust metal via touch – which takes one full round. All water genasi are amphibious, though they have no visible gills. Rather, they simply breathe water as easily as air and are master swimmers.

Water genasi can be of any neutral alignment (that is, all alignments except LG, CG, LE, or CE).

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Planar Genasi

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