Creating Player Characters

Character creation is 4 steps – Assigning Attributes, Selecting Race, Faction, Alignment, and then Skills and Resources. This all occurs within a Point-Buy system. Each player receives a set amount of points for their Attributes, Skills, and Resources, while selecting a race, faction, and alignment are free.

Assigning Attributes

  • 20 points for Attributes
  • All Attribute Scores start at 0
  • Racial adjustments are applied at the end of the attribute assignment.
  • Left over Attribute points count as 5 Skill or Resource points.
  • To raise an Attribute Score by 1, pay the next value up. For example, it costs 3 points to raise your Might from 2 to 3. It costs 4 more to raise it from 3 to 4, and so on.

Here’s a cheat sheet to just raise a Score from zero without doing the in-between addition.

Attribute Score of 1 – costs 1 point total
Attribute Score of 2 – costs 3 points total
Attribute Score of 3 – costs 6 points total
Attribute Score of 4 – costs 10 points total
Attribute Score of 5 – costs 15 points total

Selecting Race
There are 9 planar races to chose from, with 4 sub-races of Genasi. Note that most races have alignment restraints. Again, after attribute scores are set, apply racial adjustments. It is possible to have a 6 in Might for certain races, such as Modrons – their Might Score just has to be set to 5 first.

Left-over Attribute points are worth 5 Skill and Resource points. Note that for some “classes” it may be advantageous to hold a skill point or two. Some of the higher level resources and skills can get expensive.

Selecting Faction
There are 15 Factions to choose from. Each has its own philosophy, benefits, and requirements.

Selecting Alignment
There are 9 alignments to choose from, based upon both the Law-Chaos and Good-Evil Axes

Skills and Resources

  • 50 points shared between Skills and Resources
  • Left-over points are lost at character start

SkillsMaster List

ResourcesMaster List
Arms and Armor
The Chant, Cases, and Kips
Bashers, Cutters, Bloods
Extra Gear

Creating Player Characters

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