The Multiverse

Underground Aqueduct

(Kay’nha’hra speaking to the Modron as they walk to Tradegate)

“Well, after we went down that long aqueduct, and felt that wave of…. something pass through us, making all of us a little more enraged and making my undead out of control… It seems that these Athar could possible pose a problem, it is tough to say because we do not know their whole plan; When I spoke with one of their dead bodies, it told me that they are bringing that thing, and its host to the gatetown of the Beastlands, but not actually into the Beastlands. Also, it could be of great use to me to have one of those things that got released from the Negative Energy Plane. I would like to conduct some experiments.”

“I apologize, I had the evil creature that was released has been on my mind since. I had earlier mentioned the Athar but meant the Dustmen.”



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