The Multiverse

Trouble with Gregor Tal

Assisting Thabit Azibo in the tracking down of an Athar member; checking the Courts; checking the Hall of Records; Kay’nha’hra kills a drunkard and his companion, both githzerai; Gregor Tal confronts the Modron and its companions on the roof-top

(The following exchange takes place within a day or two’s travel from Tradegate)

Kay’nha’hra says, “there’s something thats been botherin me just enough to make me rattle my bone box. Why was that Gregor Tal berk so hard to track down, and what ever happened to him anyway?”

At the front of the party, the Modron doesn’t even bother to turn around to speak. “Hard to track down? The fact of the matter is that Gregor Tal was located with efficiency and precision. More importantly, Gregor Tal was located with ease, and lured back to the rest of the party as had been previously planned.”

The creature thinks for a moment, watching the snowflakes float down from the sky. Its wiry, rust colored beard is getting fairly bushy.

“Do lowered temperatures condusive to snowfall affect the metabolic processes of the Githyanki to the extent that memories become distorted?”

Kay’nha’hra chuckles…

“Hahaha no… I think my mind strayed from the mission when I went looking for Gregor Tal at the Yelling Keg and saw some Githzerai. I saw them and became a little side tracked…. Needless to say the Githzerai’s fear of me and our party is growing.”



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