The Multiverse

Hunt through Semuanya's Bog

(The Modron’s account follows)


To: Administrator Poshek

Re: Absence from The Courts


Pursuant to previous requests, this document serves to explain the absence of The Modron from customary service at the Courts for a period of several days during the last duty cycle. In the presence of several other individuals (hereafter: ‘the party’). The Modron was approached through an agent of the Free League who indicated the possibility for lawful employment under the aegis of the Mercykillers for modest pecuniary remuneration. Further investigation indicated that this employment would entail the banishment of a certain mage to Carceri, due to the mage’s unlawful actions in unduly influencing the progression of certain debates at the Hall of Speakers through intimidation, bribery, or charming of various speakers.

Rumors indicated that the mage was staying in a bathhouse in the Lady’s Ward, to which the Modron proceeded after locating a temporary portal to Carceri. Guards at the bathhouse indicated that the mage had fled to Semuanya’s Bog, using a portal within the bathhouse to which the Modron gained access by deploying superior intellectual faculties.

Once in Semuanya’s Bog, the Party was accosted by a group of the gross creatures known as khasta, which the Modron was able to overcome by strength of arms, superior tactical planning, and a detailed understanding of the intricacies of close quarters combat. Several party members were badly injured, though the Modron sustained only the most superficial and minor of wounds.

Shortly after the Modron’s dispatching of the four khaasta, the party was set upon by another dozen gross creatures known as khaasta. Upon comprehending the languages of the khaasta, the Modron was, through a superiority of wit, intellect, cunning, and bold device, able to convince the gross creatures known as khaasta that the party were in fact the minions of the mage, who was known to the gross creatures as the ‘fire witch.’ Despite the panic and defeatist sentiment of the rest of the party, the Modron was able to avoid outright physical confrontation as well as discern the location of the mage’s lair while also refusing to flee the area.

Upon arrival at the Mage’s lair, the Modron devised a plan of cunning and brilliance, by which the Mage was convinced that the party had, in fact, ventured to Semuanya’s Bog in order to hire the mage to ensure the absence of a certain githzerai speaker at the upcoming debates on redirecting the trade caravans from Tradegate to Ecstasy.

On the return to Sigil, the mage proceeded to enter the portal to Carceri, which is due to shift to a new location in several days. As an individual cannot leave the plane of Carceri until that individual is more powerful than the individual’s captor, it is likely that the mage will die there.

It is for this reason that Aide Mawgreth agreed to the trading of duty shifts during the aforementioned time period, and explains the absence of the Modron from required services.



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