The Multiverse

Burning Down the House

Traveling into the Hive Ward, finding an outpost/shanty-town of githzerai; trying to get inside and eventually breaking in through the thatch roof; setting the place on fire and putting 10+ githzerai in the dead-book

(the Modron’s account follows)

On the walk to Tradegate, the Modron falls silent for several days, taking its turn walking point, on guard duty, and sleeping with no unnecessary commentary. Sometimes, a pair of gears composed of some sort of white, calcareous material – could they be bones? – that are usually hidden by the creature’s thick, leather-like eyelids whir and spin with no perceptible results. Has the Modron acquired some sort of nervous tic?

As sunlight begins to filter through the darkness the next day, the party is collecting its gear, eating a meagre breakfast of hard bread and harder cheese, when the Modron seems to spring to life. Questions begin to pour out as though the creature had been stockpiling them. The questions seem addressed to Thabit’s male retainer.

“In Sigil, the location of an outpost manned by the gross creatures known as Githzerai in the Hive ward was located, to which access was gained by members of this party. During that time, combat ensued, in which thirteen of the gross creatures known as Githzerai were put, as is the colloquial term, into a dead book. While there are certain rumors circulating in Thebystys about an ancient magical artifact in the form of a living, intelligent book, this expression is an idiomatic construct referring to the dispatch of the Githzerai by a superior fighting force, that is to say, this party, and more specifically, the Modron which accompanied the party to the site despite the apparent foolishness of such a creature entering such a locale.

As is no doubt remembered, the Githzerai encampment enclosed a space of approximate three thousand square feet, of which one sixteenth was consumed in a fire left smoldering as the party withdrew from the scene. A substantial cache of equipment, including but not limited to tents, clothing, food, weapons, armor, shields, beverages, furniture, items related to transportation, farming implements, animal fodder, and miscellanea were observed. Further, a dozen of the gross creatures known as Githzerai were, as previously mentioned, destroyed.

The bureau of planning and civil construction may be interested in an estimate of the damage caused during this foray, while the department of trade and revenue will likely make use of estimations regarding the value, quality, origin, and quantity of equipment found stockpiled there. Such estimations could likely be accurately made with help from a Taker.”

The Modron pauses, and seems to be waiting for the retainer to respond. After a moment, the creature turns, its leathery lips pulled back tight against the rotting cellar-door teeth that fill its crooked mouth. The friendly smile lasts for five seconds.



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