The Multiverse

Underground Aqueduct

(Kay’nha’hra speaking to the Modron as they walk to Tradegate)

“Well, after we went down that long aqueduct, and felt that wave of…. something pass through us, making all of us a little more enraged and making my undead out of control… It seems that these Athar could possible pose a problem, it is tough to say because we do not know their whole plan; When I spoke with one of their dead bodies, it told me that they are bringing that thing, and its host to the gatetown of the Beastlands, but not actually into the Beastlands. Also, it could be of great use to me to have one of those things that got released from the Negative Energy Plane. I would like to conduct some experiments.”

“I apologize, I had the evil creature that was released has been on my mind since. I had earlier mentioned the Athar but meant the Dustmen.”

Hunt through Semuanya's Bog

(The Modron’s account follows)


To: Administrator Poshek

Re: Absence from The Courts


Pursuant to previous requests, this document serves to explain the absence of The Modron from customary service at the Courts for a period of several days during the last duty cycle. In the presence of several other individuals (hereafter: ‘the party’). The Modron was approached through an agent of the Free League who indicated the possibility for lawful employment under the aegis of the Mercykillers for modest pecuniary remuneration. Further investigation indicated that this employment would entail the banishment of a certain mage to Carceri, due to the mage’s unlawful actions in unduly influencing the progression of certain debates at the Hall of Speakers through intimidation, bribery, or charming of various speakers.

Rumors indicated that the mage was staying in a bathhouse in the Lady’s Ward, to which the Modron proceeded after locating a temporary portal to Carceri. Guards at the bathhouse indicated that the mage had fled to Semuanya’s Bog, using a portal within the bathhouse to which the Modron gained access by deploying superior intellectual faculties.

Once in Semuanya’s Bog, the Party was accosted by a group of the gross creatures known as khasta, which the Modron was able to overcome by strength of arms, superior tactical planning, and a detailed understanding of the intricacies of close quarters combat. Several party members were badly injured, though the Modron sustained only the most superficial and minor of wounds.

Shortly after the Modron’s dispatching of the four khaasta, the party was set upon by another dozen gross creatures known as khaasta. Upon comprehending the languages of the khaasta, the Modron was, through a superiority of wit, intellect, cunning, and bold device, able to convince the gross creatures known as khaasta that the party were in fact the minions of the mage, who was known to the gross creatures as the ‘fire witch.’ Despite the panic and defeatist sentiment of the rest of the party, the Modron was able to avoid outright physical confrontation as well as discern the location of the mage’s lair while also refusing to flee the area.

Upon arrival at the Mage’s lair, the Modron devised a plan of cunning and brilliance, by which the Mage was convinced that the party had, in fact, ventured to Semuanya’s Bog in order to hire the mage to ensure the absence of a certain githzerai speaker at the upcoming debates on redirecting the trade caravans from Tradegate to Ecstasy.

On the return to Sigil, the mage proceeded to enter the portal to Carceri, which is due to shift to a new location in several days. As an individual cannot leave the plane of Carceri until that individual is more powerful than the individual’s captor, it is likely that the mage will die there.

It is for this reason that Aide Mawgreth agreed to the trading of duty shifts during the aforementioned time period, and explains the absence of the Modron from required services.

Trouble with Gregor Tal

Assisting Thabit Azibo in the tracking down of an Athar member; checking the Courts; checking the Hall of Records; Kay’nha’hra kills a drunkard and his companion, both githzerai; Gregor Tal confronts the Modron and its companions on the roof-top

(The following exchange takes place within a day or two’s travel from Tradegate)

Kay’nha’hra says, “there’s something thats been botherin me just enough to make me rattle my bone box. Why was that Gregor Tal berk so hard to track down, and what ever happened to him anyway?”

At the front of the party, the Modron doesn’t even bother to turn around to speak. “Hard to track down? The fact of the matter is that Gregor Tal was located with efficiency and precision. More importantly, Gregor Tal was located with ease, and lured back to the rest of the party as had been previously planned.”

The creature thinks for a moment, watching the snowflakes float down from the sky. Its wiry, rust colored beard is getting fairly bushy.

“Do lowered temperatures condusive to snowfall affect the metabolic processes of the Githyanki to the extent that memories become distorted?”

Kay’nha’hra chuckles…

“Hahaha no… I think my mind strayed from the mission when I went looking for Gregor Tal at the Yelling Keg and saw some Githzerai. I saw them and became a little side tracked…. Needless to say the Githzerai’s fear of me and our party is growing.”

Burning Down the House

Traveling into the Hive Ward, finding an outpost/shanty-town of githzerai; trying to get inside and eventually breaking in through the thatch roof; setting the place on fire and putting 10+ githzerai in the dead-book

(the Modron’s account follows)

On the walk to Tradegate, the Modron falls silent for several days, taking its turn walking point, on guard duty, and sleeping with no unnecessary commentary. Sometimes, a pair of gears composed of some sort of white, calcareous material – could they be bones? – that are usually hidden by the creature’s thick, leather-like eyelids whir and spin with no perceptible results. Has the Modron acquired some sort of nervous tic?

As sunlight begins to filter through the darkness the next day, the party is collecting its gear, eating a meagre breakfast of hard bread and harder cheese, when the Modron seems to spring to life. Questions begin to pour out as though the creature had been stockpiling them. The questions seem addressed to Thabit’s male retainer.

“In Sigil, the location of an outpost manned by the gross creatures known as Githzerai in the Hive ward was located, to which access was gained by members of this party. During that time, combat ensued, in which thirteen of the gross creatures known as Githzerai were put, as is the colloquial term, into a dead book. While there are certain rumors circulating in Thebystys about an ancient magical artifact in the form of a living, intelligent book, this expression is an idiomatic construct referring to the dispatch of the Githzerai by a superior fighting force, that is to say, this party, and more specifically, the Modron which accompanied the party to the site despite the apparent foolishness of such a creature entering such a locale.

As is no doubt remembered, the Githzerai encampment enclosed a space of approximate three thousand square feet, of which one sixteenth was consumed in a fire left smoldering as the party withdrew from the scene. A substantial cache of equipment, including but not limited to tents, clothing, food, weapons, armor, shields, beverages, furniture, items related to transportation, farming implements, animal fodder, and miscellanea were observed. Further, a dozen of the gross creatures known as Githzerai were, as previously mentioned, destroyed.

The bureau of planning and civil construction may be interested in an estimate of the damage caused during this foray, while the department of trade and revenue will likely make use of estimations regarding the value, quality, origin, and quantity of equipment found stockpiled there. Such estimations could likely be accurately made with help from a Taker.”

The Modron pauses, and seems to be waiting for the retainer to respond. After a moment, the creature turns, its leathery lips pulled back tight against the rotting cellar-door teeth that fill its crooked mouth. The friendly smile lasts for five seconds.

Into the Vault

finding Nessa Innogen, the bariaur Xaositect and trying to get to her inheritance; visiting Inky’s Kip in the Hive Ward, then bumping into the bariaur cleric outside the Ivory Elephant, then to the vault (courtesy of some Gray Orb thieves’ guild members), and eventually heading to the Plain of Pillars (Nuada’s Realm) in Tir Na Og

(Thabit’s account follows)

After returning from Sigil on some personal business, Thabit passes a scrap of paper around the group.

“Thought you’d get a kick out of this.”

The Chattering Bone Box Post Peck Edition

An Inheritance for None

Commotion today in the lady’s ward after officials gathered at nobleman’s home tied to an apparent robbery attempt. Officers were guarded and tight lipped on details and would only state that their was a burglary at the home the previous night. But clues indicated that the dark on this story was deeper then it appeared.

First is the owner of the property. A respected nobleman and investor of good standing, or at lest until his resent passing. Not much was found on his passing, but nothing of suspension arose. What is of interest is the apparent heir to the aristocrat’s fortuned, an eccentric Xaositect, Nessa Innogen. This leads to much speculation to fate of money and the cause of the break in.

On top of the interesting heir to the fortune of the nobleman are the parties involved in the investigation. Aside of the standard complement of hardheads and guvners a third party with an distinctive symbols were also seen. Upon proper digging it was quickly found to be the notable thieves guild the Grey Orb. Also notable was the presence of the Dustmen, which only indicates the dead book as a new entry. The Harmonium and the Fraternity of Order refused to comment on the Dustmen’s presence or the Guilds involvement. The Grey Orb was unavailable for comment.

As official channels are their typical red tape and stone walls it takes the reporter’s skill to find the real source of info. The Dustman were around, so it meant at some point a body would be moved to the Mortuary. Getting there is easy, picking out the same berks you spied at the mansion was the trick. After the few morose words I could get of the Dead attendants, and a quick peek at the two corpse that arrived it was clear that these two had met a violent end. Evidence indicated this end was by a pair of large hard fists, likely golems guarding the fortune within the property, a popular choose of the elite.

Further digging found the pair were local thieves part of a larger group looking into acquiring wealth at the expense of Innogen. Sources led to several witnesses who saw the local thugs trying to convince the Bariaur out of her inheritance, to little effect. These witnesses also noticed that she had recently been spending extravagantly, most notably in the effort to find bard of worth to proclaim her story.

As for last night story, here what this reporter has deduced. The local thugs frustrated with the Bariaur’s indifference to their efforts and threats decided to claim the treasure by force. I was able to track down one of few that saw the sods with a large party, numbering over ten, enter the mansion in the late evening. Innogen was off on the planes apparently finally finding a bard worthy and wishing to have an adventure for which of him to sing, leaving the property vacant.

The party seems to have been formed of two groups. The first was the two dead thugs group with some mercs for good measure. The second an unknown group also looking into acquiring the money. The second party had some insight or expertise needed and were muscled into helping crack the defenses of the treasure. Given the amount of rumor and interest in the inheritance by so many groups it impossible to deuce who was this second party. Likely, their knowledge was not enough to best the defenses of the home, and were seen not long after scrambling from the mansion in to the dark of the night.

Now, this seems like a simple robbery gone wrong, but so much is unanswered. Why are the Grey Orb involved in the investigation? Their expertise would be fitting for more elaborate crimes. Who was this second party? The locals where not large enough to compose the whole group, and what was this second rabbles Real interests? And what of Nessa Innogen and her inheritance? Who would give such wealth to a Xaositect? Was there even any wealth to start with, or just her attempts at attention grabbing.? Unfortunately these answers will likely never come and we are left to wonder the truth.

- Margo Frerighter

“It was odd that a gentle gust of wind just blew it at me…”


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